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UndecidedThat soybeans are good for you! "There is much evidence suggesting that compounds present in soybeans can prevent cancer in many different organ systems." (Journal of Nutrition 1995;125(3 Suppl):733S-743S) I need to update nad expand on this topic come July.



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Written by RDS   
Wednesday, 07 July 2004


When forgiveness is not there then we only have a sense of turmoil and turbulence and when forgiveness is there we have peace, strength and renewed power. Unforgiveness allows the past and other people to dominate our lives and consumes our physical and emotion energy as we continue to nurse the unresolved issues in our lives. Any time we hold a grudge long term and it will poison our bodies. And such an unforgiving attitude can hinder our healing and feed any cancer that we might have.

Anger, bitterness, depression, anxiety, devastating grief and sorrow are just some examples of what can fester inside us until resolved. (When I use the word "resolved" I mean that an issue and the people involved are a closed case -- no longer able to create in us harmful reactions in the present time.) Forgiveness is essential for all healing. Giving and receiving forgiveness is the only way to bleed off the emotional and mental ache we feel when we have been hurt or hurt another.

We know forgiveness is an issue whenever we think such things as,

"Since ____ did that to me I can't let it go - I can't get it out of my head."

"I can't stop thinking about what happened and the pain it caused."

"I just want the guilt and pain to go away."

"She had it coming to her but I feel terrible about what I did."

There is no substitute for forgiveness but it does not happen when we reluctantly give it to another with a heave and a sigh, and feel that somehow we have been the loser in doing so. When forgiveness is given or received rightly even physical pain can be reduced at times.

We need to learn to learn how to receive emotional healing because our lives depend on it.

 Here is the small book I have written on giving and receiving forgiveness. I suggest you get the ebook!
Last Updated ( Sunday, 22 June 2014 )
I have been Beating Cancer!
Written by rds   
Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It will be 4 years in May (2010) since I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (bone cancer) and I continue to have no symptoms except for the actual presence of the cancer cells. Every lab test I have taken since I have been diagnosed has shown a decrease in the number of cancer cells!

I have had several bone surveys so far (last one March 2010) and all show no bone damage or "holes," to the amazement of my oncologist. Yes, I am seeing an oncologist and have since I was first diagnosed but I have not accepted any of the "normal" cancer treatment. At first, when I would not accept treatment, the oncologist was angry, in fact very angry! But my point in going to him was for him to continue to monitor my cancer. Was the natural way I was choosing really working or not? The lab tests and the bone surveys were two ways to test this.

On this site I want so share those things I am doing that you might consider for yourself if you also are facing with dealing with multiple myelome. I am not a doctor but I have done a lot of reading and research. I have not gone this direction lightly and I have always been prepared to follow my oncologist advice if my way wasn't working. The last test I had to check on my "M-Spike" showed a drop from 3.4 to 3.2; this happening over a six month period (of heavy stress). My oncologist continues to be amazed at my progress--or maybe better said, at my lack of progress towards the normal progression that comes with bone cancer.

I am "attacking" my cancer from three different directions: diet, juicing and a special drink that I have most days--and, exercise.


June 16,2014

 One year ago I had my first chemo -- I was in such good physical shape that my oncologist felt that a chemo series would possibly put me into remission. I took a series of 16 infusions--took about 10 minutes each time once I was set up.  I had no reactions except for some heavy sweating the night after the infusion. Otherwise nothing whatsoever. At the end of the series the lab tests showed very little cancer and the oncologist starting using the term "remission" .  I will need to to have another series of infusion sometime but, for now, I just keep doing my semi-vegan life style, and going to the gym five times a week for 1/2 hour.

I still have no bone damage, good energy levels though the oncologist is giiving me a small dose of steroids once a week. The steroids tend to give me a sleepless night the day I take the pills and some sweating but it has been getting better. The doctor handling my diabetic condition has had me increase my insulin dosage slightly the day and day after I take the steroid and it has really helped.

Last Updated ( Monday, 16 June 2014 )
Did you know . . . For Energy
Written by Richard Smith   
Monday, 09 August 2004

Wink Energy Drink

1 Tble Maca root powder.

2 Tble ground sesame seed

2 Tble ground flax seed

1 Tble raw carob

Vanilla to taste

Stevia to taste

1-3 Tble Chia gel

Blend with 8oz of water or rice milk (almond) and ice cubes

If you get excessive bloating then cut out the chia. We also add a banana occasional for an extra treat!

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 August 2013 )

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